According to a local official in the rebel-controlled zone, the 45-year-old British humanitarian worker Paul Urey passed away while being held hostage by pro-Russian separatists in the self-declared Donetsk People’s Republic (DNR).

Linda Urey, his mother, expressed her “extreme devastation” and called the separatists “murderers.”

She wrote on Facebook, “I’m genuinely furious. I begged for my son back on Sky News, despite the fact that I had already informed you that he was very ill and had diabetes. Why did you permit his death? I need responses. Why did you not let him go?

I despise you all. I’m incredibly pissed off to the point of rage. I’m furious—really, very, very angry. You are murderers, that is all you are.

According to the nonprofit Presidium Network, Urey and fellow Briton Dylan Healy were stopped at a checkpoint in southern Ukraine on April 29.

Separatists in the DNR under the control of the rebels later accused the two men of engaging in “mercenary activities.”

Urey passed away on July 10 as a result of “sickness and stress,” according to a Telegram message posted on Friday by Daria Morozova, the DNR’s ombudsman for prisoners’ rights.

“Paul Urey was already diagnosed with a number of chronic ailments, including insulin-dependent diabetes, damage to the kidneys, the respiratory system, and a number of cardiovascular disorders,” Morozova continued.

Despite the seriousness of the claimed crime, Paul Urey received the necessary medical care thanks to our efforts. In the past, Linda Urey informed the media that her kid had diabetes and required insulin.

In addition, Morozova asserted that despite being informed of Urey’s predicament, the British Foreign Office had offered “no reaction” to his abduction. She asserted that Urey was a “professional soldier” who had participated in battles in Libya, Afghanistan, and Iraq while in charge of “military operations.”

At the time of Urey’s capture, Dominik Byrne, co-founder, and COO of the Presidium Network, claimed that he was working independently in Ukraine as a volunteer for humanitarian help.

Who Are Paul Urey’s Parents?

Paul’s mother is Linda Urey, unfortunately, Paul’s father’s name is currently unknown.


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