According to recent reports, Paul Urey, a British national serving as a foreign combatant in Ukraine and being held captive by rebels with connections to Russia, has passed unexpectedly.

Reports indicate that he was born in 1977 and raised in Manchester. His hometown is listed as Manchester. He passed away when he was 45 years old, leaving his children and family without a father figure.


Paul Urey, 45 years old, was taken captive by rebels in the eastern part of Ukraine and accused of “mercenary activity.” According to the organization that was working with Mr. Urey, he was imprisoned in April when he was bringing humanitarian supplies.

When he arrived at the checkpoint, he was trying to leave the Zaporizhzhia district with a wife and two children in his vehicle. However, he was halted.

Briton Paul Urey

It is speculated that Mr Urey is afflicted with Type 1 Diabetes, which necessitates the frequent use of insulin. Ms Urey, the woman who is her mother, stated that before the tragedy,

It was the last time she spoke to her son before this incident that he had begged her son not to go to Ukraine, and that was the last time she had a chat with her son.

Does Paul Urey Have Any Children?

Reports indicate that Mr Urey is the father of two daughters. His daughters’ names are Courtney Coman and Chelsea. Courtney was born in 2001, making her current age 21.

In comparison, Chelsea is just 20 years old. According to his two sophisticated daughters, they had no idea their father was in Ukraine until they received the news that he had been jailed there.

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