Paul Urey, a British foreign fighter in Ukraine who was detained by rebels with ties to Russia, has reportedly passed away.

Paul Urey, 45, was captured in eastern Ukraine and charged with “mercenary activities” by separatists. Mr Urey was detained while providing humanitarian aid in April, the charity working with him said.

He was attempting to evacuate a woman and two children from the Zaporizhzhia region when he was stopped at a checkpoint.

The PA News Agency states that Mr Urey was born in 1977 and hails from Manchester, while Mr Healey was born in 2000 and was raised in Cambridgeshire.

It is believed that Mr Urey suffers from Type 1 Diabetes and requires insulin on a regular basis. Her mother, Ms Urey, said that before the event,

he had pleaded with her son not to travel to Ukraine, and that was the last time she had a conversation with her son before this.

Is Paul Urey Married?.

There is no evidence to suggest that Mr Urey is married or that he has a wife, and there has been no confirmation either way. However, our source claims that Mr Urey is the proud parent of two lovely children;

if he is married, he most likely does not want the world to know about it because he is very private about his personal life.

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