How Much Does Phillips Valdez Weigh?

Philips Valdez’s body weight is 73 kg

According to Baseball Savant, Phillips Valdez threw the pitch just under 49% of the time, yet he only gave up a.306 wOBA, which was actually lower than projected based on plate discipline and batted ball stats.

However, the changeup produced an average exit velocity of roughly 87 mph and a whiff rate of slightly under 31%.

It isn’t good enough to be the lead pitch for a capital-G baseball team. Valdez was a good major-league reliever, but the changeup was an obvious plus for him this season.

The Red Sox did not find themselves in as many blowout situations this season as they did in 2020, but when they did, they were able to turn to Valdez to clean up some innings.

In 2021, the righty got more than three outs in 43% of his starts, and he had a 2.19 ERA in those instances.

Valdez finished the season with a career-low hitting average on balls in play of.277, as well as a career-high ground ball rate of 58 percent.

According to FanGraphs, he was able to reduce his hard contact to roughly 30% of the time while the ball was on the ground, compared to a 35% rate when the ball was in the air.


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