Photos of Xavier McCain Who Died of Brain Injury

Xavier McCain

A much-loved high school sophomore who passed just two weeks after sustaining a catastrophic injury while playing varsity football has been the subject of many heartfelt tributes since his passing was announced.

On September 9, New Jersey native Xavier McClain was participating in a high school football game for Linden High School when he suffered a catastrophic brain injury while returning a kickoff. The game was in New Jersey.

Xavier McCain
Xavier McCain

In the second half of the deadly game, play was stopped, and 5’5 tall McClain was put into an ambulance. McClain died shortly after being transported.

Before he passed away yesterday from his horrific injuries, McClain had been in the hospital for close to two weeks while he was on life support.

Xavier reportedly played a significant role in Linden High School’s victory over Woodbridge, which resulted in a final score of 31 to 0. Those who were present at the game reported that Xavier’s contributions were tremendous.

A kick-off occurs when all twenty-two players line up before the kicker kicks the ball from the 35-yard line. This occurs at the beginning of each half. After that, rather than lined up just feet apart, the players race at each other from a distance of fifteen yards.

Because of this, there is a chance that severe injuries will occur, particularly to the head and neck.

According to Mark Murphy, a member of the competition committee for the league, the move in question is “by far the most dangerous play in the game.”

Since McClain was able to break into the starting lineup for his high school team as a freshman, his athleticism was lauded.

However, as of now, photos of Xavier McCain who died of brain injury have not been released or shared on the world wide web (internet).

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