Reena Roy Husband: Is Reena Roy still Married to Mohsin Khan?

No, Reena Roy’s marriage to Mohsin Khan in the ’80s came to an end in the 1990s years after being married.

Kaalicharan, starring Shatrughan Sinha, was Reena Roy’s first Bollywood hit at the tender age of 19-years-old. The film was a sleeper smash, and after that, Ms. Roy appeared in more than 100 films.

When it comes to Reena Roy, her work is overshadowed by stories of her love life. Mohsin Khan, a Pakistani cricketer, proposed to Reena. When the couple tied the knot, they were both at the pinnacle of their professions. Karachi, Pakistan, was the site of the wedding.

The first few years of marriage were happy ones for the newlyweds. Mohsin owned a magnificent mansion in London, where they would frequently visit. For Reena’s mother, they would fly to Mumbai. Jannat, the couple’s daughter, was born as a result of their union.

Mohsin’s marriage to Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan made him a household name in the industry. He was able to make a good living for himself. After getting married, Reena chose to take a sabbatical from her job to care for Jannat.

Things were going swimmingly when they began to fall apart. Reena had a hard time adjusting to Mohsin’s extravagant way of life in London, even after he acquired British citizenship. She called her mother because she wasn’t feeling well.

She attempted to close the chasm, but it didn’t work. Reena and Moshin divorced in the early 1990s


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