Reese McGuire Salary: How Much Does Reese McGuire Make?

Reese McGuire

Reese McGuire, a catcher for the Toronto Blue Jays, was arrested over the weekend at the team’s spring training camp in Dunedin, Sportsnet reports (via Twitter).

By the middle of March, he’ll be required to appear in court on a criminal charge.

They had hoped for a more positive spring training experience than this one. When Danny Jansen is out of the lineup, McGuire is anticipated to step in.

As of now, it’s not obvious how this case will proceed from a criminal viewpoint and in terms of the team and the league.

Accused of “exposure of sexual organs,” McGuire allegedly engaged in the sex act in a vehicle parked in a retail parking lot, according to the criminal complaint. Further purported facts are unknown at this time.

Neither the players nor management have responded to this report. In addition, there has been no statement from the league.

McGuire was a first-round draft pick who struggled to make it to the majors after being drafted in 2011.

Since making the jump to the majors, he hasn’t had much success offensively in the upper minors;

however, in the big leagues, he has had two seasons of success, with line drives of .297/.343/.539 over 138 at-bats combined.

How Much Does Reese McGuire Make?

McGuire made an average salary of $570,500 in 2021

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