Regina Hall Nationality: Where is Regina Hall From?

Regina Hall is an American actress and comedian best known for her appearances in the first four installments of the worldwide acclaimed film series ‘Scary Movie.’

She began her career in journalism before moving on to acting in the early 1990s with the series ‘Loving.’ She gradually rose to become one of the most recognizable faces in comedy.

‘The Best Man,’ her first picture, was released in 1999. She had a few minor appearances in cinema and television, primarily as comedic relief.

Her biggest break came in 2000, with the film ‘Scary Movie,’ in which she played a sex-crazed lunatic teenager. Although the picture was panned by reviewers, her comedic timing was unanimously praised, and the film became a commercial success.

The success of the first ‘Scary Movie’ cleared the way for other parts of the franchise. She has also played tough and serious parts in the 1990 film ‘Law Abiding Citizen’,  and the television series ‘Law & Order: NYPD.’ Despite starring in a range of roles, her primary interest has always been humor.

Regina Hall Nationality

Regina Hall is an African-American From Washington.

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