Rihanna Baby: What Is The Nationality Of Rihanna Baby?

Nationality Of Rihanna Baby

Rihanna and A$AP Rocky have decided to name their son according to their barbarian background .A$AP is reported to also have roots in Barbados. A source revealed, “They want both of their cultures included. It is very important to them to keep where they have are passed from to their child”.

The baby is an American by birth, thus his nationality would be up to his parents or the child himself to determine where his allegiance lies once he is older.

Rihanna Baby: What Is The Nationality Of Rihanna Baby?
Rihanna Baby: What Is The Nationality Of Rihanna Baby?

The singer has stated that when it came to the decision of naming her son, she wanted to name her child after some strong members in her family she had admired.

She had spoken about how she would treat her child with love and won’t let him or her out of her sight. A$AP and Rihanna had been dating for two years before confirming the rumors earlier this year. The pregnancy was also hidden till rumors started again which was confirmed by the two with a secret baby shower following.

Rihanna stated that although the pregnancy was unplanned, it wasn’t unwanted and both herself and her boyfriend A$AP have pulled through and became closer with the baby in the picture.

A$AP told ‘GQ‘ in an interview that Rihanna is the love of his life and when he was asked about if he would want kids in the future he answered: “I think I’d be an incredible, remarkable dad. I would have a fly child”.

The family is currently in Los Angeles resting and will soon be traveling to visit the baby’s grandparents to meet their newborn son.

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