Popular singer and actress Rihanna has finally given birth to a baby boy which is her first child with her boyfriend American rapper A$AP Rocky. The couple showed off Rihanna’s baby bump at the end of  January this year to confirm the rumors which started last year about the pregnancy.

Sources say that Rihanna gave birth to a baby boy in Los Angeles with A$AP and the couple is now resting at home not leaving each other’s side.

 Ronald Fenty and Monica Braithwaite are Rihanna’s parents and the grandparents of the singer’s child from her side.

Rihanna Baby: Who Are The Grandparents Of Rihanna Baby?
Rihanna Baby: Who Are The Grandparents Of Rihanna Baby?


Rihanna’s father, Ronald Fenty had been very excited about the news that he would soon be a grandfather. The singer’s father who is based in Barbados said “I’m so happy that I jumped for Joy . I’m still so excited . Rihanna always said she wanted children, she loves kids. She always takes care of her cousins’ kids…she’s going to be a good mom”.

Ronald also said he liked A$AP who was going to soon be the father of his daughter’s child adding that he found him cool.

A$AP Rocky’s parents are Renne Black and Adrian Mayers are the grandparents from Rihanna’s baby’s paternal side. There is not much information about the A$AP’s parents but Renee, his mom, became popular when she rose to defend her son after he was being charged with a crime in Sweden which demanded he had to be jailed for two years.




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