Before serving as Chancellor of the Exchequer from 2020 to 2022, British politician Rishi Sunak held the role of Chief Secretary to the Treasury from 2019 to 2020. He is a Conservative Party member who has represented Richmond in the legislature since 2015.

Sunak received his education at Winchester College. After that, he followed studies in philosophy, politics, and economics at Lincoln College in Oxford, after which he graduated from Stanford University with an MBA as a Fulbright Scholar. After graduating, he worked for Goldman Sachs before joining The Children’s Investment Fund as a partner.

In the general election of 2015, he was chosen to represent Richmond (Yorks), and during Theresa May’s second term, he served as the Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Local Government. He gave May’s Brexit withdrawal accord three “yes” votes. Sunak supported Boris Johnson’s campaign to succeed May as the leader of the Conservative Party.


Rishi Sunak
Rishi Sunak

Johnson appointed Sunak Chief Secretary to the Treasury after Johnson was elected Prime Minister and given that office. In February 2020, Sajid Javid gave notice of his resignation as Chancellor of the Exchequer, and Sunak succeeded him.

Rishi Sunak Children: Meet Krishna Sunak and Anoushka Sunak

Rishi Sunak has two children, all girls, with his wife, Akshata Murty. They are called Krishna Sunak and Anoushka Sunak.


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