Romy Iris Charlotte Johnson has been given the name by her parents, Boris and Carrie Johnson. It was Carrie Johnson’s Instagram post that revealed that Romy, Iris and Charlotte were chosen as a homage to the late mothers of the prime minister and her aunt Rosemary.

She’s previously referred to her daughter as a “rainbow baby,” an euphemism used to describe a kid born following a miscarriage. A miscarriage this year, the 33-year-old lady admitted, was an unfortunate fact of her life.

Rachel Johnson
Rachel Johnson

On December 9, the couple made public the birth of their daughter Romy. After the birth of their son Wilfred in April 2020, she is the prime minister’s second child with his third wife.

The UK parliament’s imminent vote of confidence in Boris Johnson will put him under close scrutiny. As a result, he’s been trending all day.

Carrie confirmed Romy Iris Charlotte Johnson as the baby’s complete name in an Instagram post after Boris disclosed it during a speech at a vaccination clinic in Kent.

According to a tweet from Carrie, Charlotte was chosen to honor Boris’ mother, and Iris is a Greek word that means rainbow. Her aunt Rosemary had a huge influence on Carrie’s daughter’s first name, she revealed.

Romy Iris Charlotte Johnson Aunt: Meet Romy Iris Charlotte Johnson’s Aunt Rachel Johnson

Romy Iris Charlotte Johnson’s aunt is Rachel Johnson. Rachel is a British journalist, television presenter and author based in London. Johnson has appeared frequently on political discussion panels, including The Pledge on Sky News and BBC One’s debate programme, Question Time.

She was evicted second from Celebrity Big Brother’s 21st season in January 2018. She was the European Parliament candidate for Change UK in the South West England seat.

As a graduate trainee at the Financial Times in 1989, she became the paper’s first female graduate trainee, writing about the economy.

On the Foreign Office Policy Planning Staff from 1992 to 1993, she worked for a year. In 1994, she joined the BBC, but in 1997, she departed to become a journalist and freelancer in Washington DC.


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