Romy Iris Charlotte Johnson, the daughter of Borris Johnson and Carrie Johnson, is a British baby girl. Boris Johnson’s final child, Romy Iris Charlotte Johnson, is the last surviving child of the British Prime Minister.

Romy’s middle name is Iris Charlotte Johnson, and her mother Carrie Johnson calls her that. Romy Iris Charlotte Johnson is fortunate to have two devoted parents who have made significant contributions to society.

Romy Iris Charlotte Johnson
Romy Iris Charlotte Johnson

Wilfred Lawrie Nicholas Johnson is Romy Iris Charlotte Johnson’s brother. Her sons, Charlotte Millicent Dawnay and Oliver Dawnay, are two of the happiest things in the world to her.

As of December 20, 2021, Romy Johnson is just seven months old. She was born to Boris Johnson and Carrie Johnson. In December 2022, Romy Iris Charlotte will be one year old.

Romy Iris Charlotte Johnson Grandparents: Charlotte Johnson Wahl, Matthew Symonds, Josephine McAfee and Stanley Johnson

Charlotte Johnson Wahl, Matthew Symonds, Josephine McAfee and Stanley Johnson are the grandparents of Romy Iris Charlotte Johnson.

Charlotte Johnson Wahl

Charlotte Johnson Wahl was a British artist. She was the mother of politician Boris Johnson, as well as the journalist Rachel Johnson and the politician Jo Johnson.

Charlotte Johnson Wahl was the daughter of James Fawcett and Frances (née Lowe) Fawcett. She was the great-granddaughter of palaeographer Elias Avery Lowe and translator Helen Tracy Lowe-Porter, both of American ancestry.

As the first married female undergraduate at Lady Margaret Hall at Oxford, she studied English.

Matthew Symonds

Matthew Symonds is a British journalist and, since 2018, the executive director of the Larry Ellison Foundation. He was a co-founder of The Independent in 1986.

Symonds was born in 1953, the son of John Beavan, then-London editor of The Guardian, and Anne Symonds, a BBC World Service presenter.

Prior to co-founding The Independent in 1986 with Andreas Whittam Smith and Stephen Glover, he worked for the Mirror group, the Financial Times, and The Daily Telegraph. He joined the latter in November 1981 as economics leader writer.

Lord Hartwell owned The Daily Telegraph for a while, and each had worked together there before departing.


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