Salvador Pérez whose full name is Salvador Jonah Pérez Diaz is a professional baseball catcher for the Kansas City Royals. Pérez who is from Venezuela was born on May 10, 1990. He is a catcher for the City Royals.

He is the holder of a single-season record for home runs with 48 catches, bypassing John Bench. Perez was not fatherly brought up, reports have it that he was neglected by the father at a very young age. He was only raised and brought up by a mom called Yilda Diaz.

Perez started showing signs of baseball capabilities when he enrolled in one of the baseball schools in Valencia. He started as a pitcher. At the age of eight years, the zeal grew wilder and it was evident enough.

He commenced his professional career in the minor leagues where he was seen in a minor league with the Arizona Complex in the year 2007. He also played for the Burlington Royals and so on.

On August 10, 2011, he was ushered into the major leagues in Kansas City Royals. He played against Tampa Bay Rays in his first game.

Salvador Pérez Net Worth

Salvador Perez has a net worth of $17 million, thanks to his contract with the Kansas City Royals and various business interests.

Salvador Pérez Salary

Peréz’s salary in 2021 was an amount of 13 million US dollars.

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Salvador Peréz Age

Peréz is 31  years old.

Salvador Pérez Wife

Perez’s wife is called Maria Gabriela

Salvador Peréz Hall Of Fame

Salvador who batted a home run amounting to 46 against the Cleveland Indians is on his way to the hall of fame in Cooperstown.

Salvador Pérez Height

He is 1.91m tall in height.

Salvador Pérez Contract

Salvador Pérez signed a four-year, $82 million contract agreement with the Royals, which includes a $13.5 million club option. Salvy will not be able to leave Kansas City after this season because of the pact, which will keep him in the team until at least 2025.

Current Contract:

Year Age Basic Salary Sign Bonus Bonus
2021 31 $13,000,000 $1,200,000
2022 32 $18,000,000
2023 33 $20,000,000
2024 34 $20,000,000
2025 35 $22,000,000
2026 36 $13,500,000

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