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Salvador Perez Salary: How Much Does Salvador Perez Make?

Salvador Perez is a 31-year-old Venezuelan baseball player who was born in Valencia, Venezuela on May 10, 1990. Taurus is his zodiac sign. Perez is a professional baseball catcher who has won five Gold Glove Awards and has been a seven-time MLB All-Star.

He’s making headlines right now after hitting 28 home runs in the first round in his home derby debut. With a height of 6 feet and 3 inches, Salvador Perez is a tall man. He weighs around 230 pounds, but his weight fluctuates based on his game schedule.

Salvador Perez’s parents are from Venezuela, although there is very little information about them. Yelda Diaz is Perez’s mother, and his father has been missing since abandoning the family when Perez was four years old.

Salvador Perez was born in the Venezuelan city of Valencia, Carabobo. Salvador was raised by his mother until he was eight years old when the family moved in with Salvador’s grandmother, Carmen de Diaz. As a result, Salvador and his grandma were extremely close.

Salvador Perez is Yilda Diaz’s only child, and as a result, he has no siblings. Yilda, Salvador’s mother, made a living by selling baked cakes and lasanga. Perez was cared for by Yilda Diaz, who enrolled him in a baseball school in Valencia.

How Much Does Salvador Perez Make?

During his time with the Kansas City Royals, Salvador Perez gets a large base salary of $13 million. Perez agreed to a four-year contract for $82 million with the team. Perez is expected to earn $18 million in 2022 and $22 million by 2025.

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