A healthy mother of four named Sarah Langlands passed away from bowel cancer when the disease was detected too late, leaving behind her four young children.

The mother’s family is devastated, and they are urging their loved ones to monitor their bowel motions. Sarah Langlands, age 35, passed away after a fight with colon cancer that lasted for 14 months.

The mother experienced her first sign of illness a year ago when cancer spread to her liver. She persevered through weeks of night sweats despite her doctors’ refusal to take it seriously.

After that, she discovered a lump, and the person performing the ultrasound informed her it was fatty tissue. After a few weeks had passed, she ended herself in the hospital where she was given a diagnosis of Stage 4 cancer.

She fought for her life to be able to see her four little children through their form. After being told that western medicine would be unable to keep her alive,

Sarah Langlands made headlines in March when she revealed that she wanted to travel to Thailand for her “final shot at a cure” so that she could watch her children grow up.

The revelation came after doctors had told her that western medicine could not keep her alive. But it seemed as though the ‘holistic’ therapy that was being provided at the centre in Thailand wasn’t going to be able to save her either.

Sarah Langlands Parents

There is currently no information available on Sarah Langland’s parents.

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