Ralph Hubert Barger, better known as Sonny Barger, was an American outlaw biker, novelist, and actor. He was a founding member of the Oakland, California chapter of the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club in 1957.

Ralph Hubert Barger was born on October 8, 1938, and passed away on June 29, 2022. In addition to making appearances in film and television, he penned five novels.

Sonny Barger

On October 8, 1938, Ralph Hubert Barger made his debut into the world in Modesto, California. When he was just four months old, his mother left him and his elder sister behind and never returned.

When he was a child living in Oakland, he was repeatedly expelled from school for physically attacking instructors. He left school when he was in the tenth grade and joined the United States Army when he was 16 years old.

After obtaining an abortion outside the law, Elsie Mae Barger, whose maiden name was George, passed away on February 1, 1967, from complications caused by an embolism in the bloodstream.

1969 saw the beginning of his romantic involvement with Sharon Gruhlke, a native of Livermore who had previously held the title of beauty queen.

In 1983, a diagnosis of stage III laryngeal cancer was made for Barger, and he had surgery to have his vocal cords removed. By training the muscles in his oesophagus, he was able to improve his voice.

How Did Sonny Barger Die?

Barger, who was 83 years old, lost his fight with liver cancer on June 29, 2022. He passed away quietly at home. A Facebook post revealed his passing.

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