Justine Bieber is a Canadian who was born on 1st March 1994 to Patties Mallette. His successful music career gained him worldwide recognition. Justin calls his fan the Biliebers.

Since then, we have seen a magnificent improvement in his music career. He had been recognized at the International front as one of the best musicians.

In fact, there have been rumours about him having a daughter. People are curious to know whether he has a daughter or not.

This has kept people on the lookout as they are eager to see his daughter. The rumours were heightened by Instagram photos of a baby on his Instagram page. He has been posting babies which makes people draw conclusions about him having a daughter.

What is even annoying is that whenever he posts the baby, he captions it “My daughter”. This has made people think he has a daughter. Recently he posted a picture with his wife and captioned it “Mom and Dad”.

This even makes people believe that they have a secret daughter that they don’t want to reveal. Some sources believe that.

Justine Bieber has a daughter because of the captions on the photos on his Instagram page. Some too don’t specify it. One can’t really tell because it is not evident that he has a daughter or not.

So, sources assume that he has no daughter since he hasn’t openly admitted it. People are still trying to confirm if he has a daughter or not.

It has become a major issue. Until he comes out openly to say that he has a daughter, it is assumed that he has no daughter. Let us all assume that he has no daughter.


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