Stamatis Giannoulis cause of death

Stamatis Giannoulis

Stamatis Giannoulis’s cause of death

Stamatis Giannoulis’s cause of death has not been revealed yet by his Family.

Both the Hellenic Film Academy and his partners on the television program “Salt of the Earth,” in which the director worked for a decade, confirmed his death.

Stamatis Giannoulis
Stamatis Giannoulis

The dead was a close friend of several well-known Greek filmmakers.

“A Heron for Germany,” “Balamos,” and “Karkalou” by Stavros Torne, “Lefteris Dimakopoulos” by Periklis Hoursoglou, “From the Snow” and “Balkanizer” by Sotiris Goritsas, and “Ephemeral City” by Giannis Zafeiris are among the films in which Stamatis Giannoulis appeared.

He directed his debut short film, “Lucy,” in 2016, which was selected for the Drama Festival, and his documentary “EarthProSeed” is currently under post-production.

The Hellenic Film Academy and the Union of Greek Cinematographers conveyed their heartfelt condolences.

Stamatis Giannoulis “was one of the original members of the Union of Greek Cinematographers, who always contributed to the development of the GSC through his thoughts and ideas.”

Stamatis Giannoulis, our ten-year director of photography, was a constant companion who left his mark on all of us with his particular warmth, dedication to his work, deep knowledge, and unwavering attention to detail in each of our partnerships.

We all have a soft spot for cats, but we also have a soft for those who resist and endure via music.

He left with the great respect of all of his coworkers, the admiration of anyone who had the good fortune to meet him, and the devotion of his friends and students. It will be missed by everyone!

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