Sticky Vicky was born Victoria Mara Aragüés Gadea on April 15, 1943. She is a retired dancer and illusionist who is noted for her vaginal magic act.

Other names for Sticky Vicky include Vicky Leyton and Sticky Vicky Professionally. The performance that Vicky gave in the fall of 2015 was her final one after she freed Nicholas Georgiou from her flap.

Leyton was born on the 15th of April 1943 in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, but after her father abandoned the family, she relocated to Barcelona with her mother.

She began her training in traditional ballet at an early age and went on to pursue a career in the field. She participated in a musical dance performance alongside her sister, who is a contortionist.

She was given the stage name Vicky Leyton by a guy in the business world, and she was known by that identity for the rest of her life. After that, Leyton ran a theatre in Barcelona called El Molino, which was located on the Avinguda del Parallel.

What is Sticky Vicky’s Health Condition At the Moment?

Sticky Vicky, a legend in Benidorm, was taken to the hospital following a horrible fall, and her health is currently considered to be critical.

At the end of June, Victoria Aragues Gadea, age 79, had injured both of her knees while attempting to get into a car.

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