Tammel Esco, 42, was arrested and accused of calling a 67-year-elderly person an Asian lady following her into a structure and seriously beating her Friday in Yonkers, only north of New York City.

Esco was confined presently when officials saw him still external the structure.

Yonkers police reported the arrest and set security video free from the structure’s vestibule region Monday.

The video shows the lady was attempting to open the second entryway into the hall when she was hit on the head from behind and tumbled to the ground.

Video shows she was punched multiple times, trampled seven additional times and spat on.

The lady, who was not freely recognized, is steady and recuperating in an emergency clinic, police said. She experienced facial bone cracks and draining on the mind.

Tammel Esco Parents: Who Are Tammel Esco Parents?

As it stands now, Tammel Esco’s parents are not known by people or covered by the media.

Tammel Esco Criminal Record

Tammel Esco is charged with attempted murder as a hate crime for punching a 67-year-old Asian woman 125 times and stomping on her in NYC suburb.

The lady, who is in stable condition at a nearby emergency clinic, endured slices to her head and face, facial bone cracks, and draining on the mind, as indicated by Yonkers police.

Friday’s assault in Yonkers, a city in Westchester County right outside of New York City, was like the horrendous homicide of an Asian-American lady by a vagrant into her structure in Chinatown.



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