Taylor Goldsmith is an American folk-rock singer who is currently the lead singer of the band called Dawes. He was born on August 16, 1985, in Los Angeles, California in the United States of America. He is a skilled songwriter, guitarist, and record producer. He also uses the Guitar, vocals, bass and keyboard as his musical instruments.

Taylor was raised in Southern California alongside his brother, Griffin Goldsmith. He is an old student of Malibu High School in California.

In 2002, Taylor formed a post-punk band with one of his high school classmates called Blake Mills. They named the band Simon Dawes, a name which was coined from the middle names of Taylor and Blake. The band, unfortunately, broke up in 2007 when Blake left.

When the Simon Dawes band broke up, Taylor formed a new band with the other bandmates that stayed. He named this new band Dawes. His younger brother, Griffin became part of this band and he was in charge of playing drums in the band. The Dawes has been active since 2007 and it’s still going very strong.

Taylor is married to actress, Mandy Moore. The couple has a son together who was born in February 2021.

Taylor Goldsmith Parents: Meet Taylor Goldsmith’s Father Lenny Goldsmith

Taylor Goldsmith’s parents are Lenny Goldsmith and Kathy Goldsmith. His father, Lenny Goldsmith, a Jew was also a musician and a lead singer to the band called Tower of Power in the 1980s.


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