Taylor Walls Scouting Report and Prospects

Taylor Walls Scouting Report and Prospects

Age: 25 yr
Height: 5-10
Weight: 185 lbs
Hits/Throws: B/R
Acquired: 2017 Round 3
RuleV: On 40-Man Roster

Physical Description

The lower half is thicker than the upper part, giving him an athletic appearance. Height: average, waist: average, legs: average Legs are leaner and more muscular than the upper part.

Weight can be carried by the shoulder girdle and torso. Like a middle infielder, he’s built to hit from the center of the field.


Hands at the chin in a square stance; fairly upright with an average base. Loads with a moderate leg kick and a quick drop. Hands load in a straight backward motion.

Swing is easy and low-effort, with an average bat speed and a rather flat bat path. From the right side, the leg kick is slightly sharper.

Patient hitter with a terrific feel for the zone who takes walks readily. Brings the pitcher to him. In the zone, there are a few swings and misses, but not many, and they will chase on occasion.

Line drive approach often squares up the ball. 55 points


Raw and bat speed are both a little slow. His patient approach allows him to capitalize on pitches he can drive, but his line-drive technique does not lend itself to power over the fence.

He’ll rack up extra base hits thanks to his above-average speed and ability to drive the ball into gaps. There will be a few home runs thrown in, but the majority of the game power will be XBH. 40 points


Excellent responses and well-executed actions. Capable of fielding while charging and throwing accurate throws. Goes well to the left and right. He appears to be a natural in a variety of defensive positions. Makes difficult plays look easy. 60 points


Arm strength is above normal and has a lot of utility. On a line, it carries effectively across the diamond. Can throw accurate throws while moving and charging. The ball is quickly transferred thanks to a quick, smooth transmission.60 points


A runner with good movements and fluidity. Quick out of the gate and capable of posting good home to first times, but a better-than-average runner once underway. Athleticism and reflexes aid the tool in gameplay. 55 points


A fantastic defender with a strong bat on both sides of the plate. Walls has the defensive skills to play shortstop, second base, or third base, but his hitting profile fits best up the middle owing to his lack of over-the-fence pop.

He’s a reliable everyday player with an above-average peak if his power improves and a utility floor if he struggles to hit at the top level.

OFP: 50
Role: 50 – Average Everyday Regular
Risk: Low

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