While we’ll keep you updated on what’s going on with the club, this time allows us to go back in time and take a look at the franchise’s history. The tight ends are the next in a series of the top Titans players at each position.

Do note that this list only includes Titans players who have played for the team since 1999.


5. Craig Stevens (2008-2015)

Stevens was never meant to be a stats man, so this isn’t a decision based on production. Stevens, who was drafted primarily as a blocker, was an integral part of Chris Johnson’s stellar Titans tenure, appearing in nearly every game CJ2K played. Stevens was never much of a factor in the passing game, but when his number was called, he made several difficult catches.

Stevens abruptly retired before last season, allowing Anthony Fasano to take his place. Stevens had been playing at the same level with the same influence for eight Titans seasons, and Fasano performed a fantastic job as his successor. A Titan football player who is a role model.


4. Erron Kinney (2000-2005)

Younger Titans fans may not recall the classic appearance of a huge man wearing #88 and a neck roll protruding from his jersey, but it was a mainstay of the team in the first half of the 2000s. Kinney, a mountain of a man, was a lifeline for Steve McNair and even Billy Volek. Kinney was a true two-way tight end who did it all as Frank Wycheck neared the conclusion of his career.

Kinney struggled with injuries throughout his career, but he finished with 178 receptions, 1,750 yards, and 10 touchdowns. For a Titans offense that relied on rushing the ball and moving the chains, his good blocking and sure hands were crucial.


3. Bo Scaife (2005-2010)

Scaife far exceeded my expectations as a sixth-round selection pick. Scaife was a rookie who quickly made an impact with 37 catches. Scaife only had four touchdowns in his career, but he was a valuable option and a good buddy (at least on the field) for Vince Young and Kerry Collins from 2006 through 2009. Scaife finished his career with 251 receptions for 2,383 yards.


2. Delanie Walker (2013-present)

Walker wasted little time in being considered for a list like this, as his first two seasons in Tennessee alone would have ranked him in the top ten tight ends in terms of receiving yards and touchdowns in Titans history. Over the next two seasons, Walker continued to shine, and he now ranks second among Titans tight ends in receptions, receiving yards, and touchdowns. Without a doubt, Walker has been one of the best free agent acquisitions in Titans history.

It’s reasonable to ask how much longer he’ll play, but as he approaches his 33rd season, he’s shown no symptoms of slowing down. To catch Wycheck, Walker needs 200 more receptions and 1,609 receiving yards, but five more touchdowns and he’ll be the Titans’ all-time leading scorer.


1. Frank Wycheck (1995-2003)

This one is a no-brainer, just like Steve McNair and Derrick Mason. Wycheck holds the Titans’ catches, receiving yards, touchdowns, and, most significantly, games played marks for tight ends. Aside from touchdowns, no other tight end compares to him in terms of output. Wycheck had only missed one game (in his second-to-last season) for the Oilers and Titans prior to his final season, in which he missed six.

Wycheck was a three-time Pro Bowler and one-time All-Pro tight end who was everything you could want in a tight end: sure-handed, a good blocker, and a dependable option when you needed to move the chains or make a big reception. Walker has come close to passing Wycheck and could do so in a few more seasons if he maintains his current level of performance, but Wycheck was the original classic Titans tight end, let alone player. A Titans legend in his own right.


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