Matt Nagy is the head coach of the Chicago Bears of the National Football League(NFL).  He was a quarterback before in his playing career and then shifted for a bit before truly assuming the overwhelming burden of coaching great teams in the finest league.

Matt was involved with the New York Dragons in 2002 for the Arena Football League which was one of the finest major indoor football leagues. He served the squad for two magnificent years while also learning and providing sports commentary.

Matt Nagy is married to his long-time wife Stacey Nagy. The couple met in college.  The high schoolmates thereafter confessed her love for their different halves and have been together ever since that choice. They attended the same college and high school and Stacey has always been the largest supporter of the exceptional coach.

Stacey and Matt Nagy have relocated from their previous house and now dwell by their new residential property in Michigan. The residence is not simply a typical house but a castle worth 2.75 million showing the stunning sunsets of Lake Bluff.

Matt has been attaching all his triumphs to his wife’s name and he thinks that the love he has with her has truly shaped the relationship and strengthened it to date. Not much information about Stacey’s personal life and career aspects has been released to the inquiring media and news agencies.

The couple has preserved their personal lives in a humble and more laconic way and seldom allows any sparkling media to evict the quiet from their private existence. Matt Nagy is a family person and he likes living blissfully with his wife and four children in their Michigan estate. Matt and Stacey have been blessed with four sons throughout their life viz. Jaxon, Brayden, Tate, and Jett.

The devoted coach has been enjoying his marriage of more than 2 long decades and still flaunts his wife brilliantly as the star to his leaden sky.


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