Debby Clarke is one of the famous Americans in the United States. She was born in 1955 in Nashville, Tennessee located in the United States.

This amazing woman had her tertiary education in Wesleyan University.No one would have taught that schooling in Wesleyan University would bring glory to her life.

Fortunately for her, she meet her soulmate at that University. Isn’t it quite amazing and interesting?

This encounter with Bill Belichick turned her life around. It was through Bill Belichick that she got her fame. If not for that, who would have known Debby Clarke?

Debby Clatke and Bill Belichick entered into a serious relationship which they got married. They got married in the year 1977 and had three children namely; Amanda, Stephen and Brian. However, they divorced due to some marital issues after 28 years of marriage.


Debby Clarke’s marriage and Children

Debby Clarke got married to Bill Belichick, a very famous sportsman in America. Her ex-husband is the current head coach of the New England Patriot team and has won a lot of trophies with that team.

Due to the status of her ex-husband, Debby Clarke became famous. Unfortunately, their marriage ended on a sad note after 28 years of marriage since 1977. It is rumoured that the divorce was caused as a result of infidelity.

It is believed that Bill had an extra-marital affair with Sharon Shenocaa. The divorce has increased the net worth of Debby Clarke which stands at $3 million. Their children followed the footsteps of their Dad; Bill Belichick.

Amanda, Stephen, and Brian were also all active participants in the Lacrosse game. Fortunately for Amanda, she had her education At Wesleyan University. They all did amazingly well and were promoted to serve as coaches.

Isn’t it amazing how the three kids followed the footsteps of their father? This should show how influential parents could be in the lives of their children.



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