Toby Aromolaran participated in the seventh season of the recently revived Love Island. Toby was chosen, along with Chloe Burrows, the second-place winner on Day 58 after entering the villa on Day 1.

Aromolaran is a fictitious semi-pro soccer player with Nigerian and British ancestry who appears on television.

Toby Aromolaran

Toby Aromolaran is a TV reality star who plays semi-competent soccer and is most known for his appearance on season seven of ITV2’s Love Island.

He is a member of Hashtag United, a mediocre football team based in Pitsea, Essex, England.
He plays forward for the team.

Aromolaran was mentioned as a participant in the TV program Love Island. He presented himself as an easygoing and accommodating guy through online media.

Toby Aromolaran Parents

Toby, like Teddy Soares, another Islander, is of Nigerian descent. Adebisi Aromolaran, his father, was born in Ilesha, Nigeria, and later immigrated to England. Essex is currently the home of the Islander family.

Toby is now half-Irish because his mother is Irish! Fans may have been surprised, but it soon became clear that his mother’s distinctive accent is a result of her time spent in Mayo.

Since his sister Shauna Aromolaran also made an appearance in the program, she presumably has some Irish ancestry. She frequently discusses her brother’s mischief!

Toby Aromolaran Wife

Despite the difficulties they encountered, Toby and Chloe reconciled in the last few weeks and now appear happier than ever. Toby and Chloe have had a rocky time in the villa, especially when the couple briefly split during the time Toby was away at Casa Amor.

Toby Aromolaran Children

Toby Aromolaran does not have any children as of 2022. He was in a relationship with Chloe but the two do not have any children together.

Toby Aromolaran Siblings

The younger sister of Toby Aromolaran is Shauna. Toby has traveled quite a distance in the villa, from Kaz to Chloe to Abi to Mary and back to Chloe, as we are all aware.

Shauna called her brother out on TikTok for his continual wandering eye because she was not happy with his actions.

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