Chloe Burrows and Toby Armolaran, who met on the reality show Love Island, reportedly broke up after 13 months of dating.

They met on Love Island last year and ended up placing second, behind Millie Grace Court and Liam Reardon.

It has been reported that Chloe and Toby are still living together in Essex but are working on a separation agreement.

Why did Chloe and Toby Break up?

According to the Daily Mail’s insider, there was no wrongdoing on any side and the two just have grown apart.

It was said that: “Although Chloe and Toby tried their best, they were unable to make their relationship work.

“There was no wrongdoing; they just grew apart and ultimately decided it was best for both of them to go their separate ways.

A few months ago, Chloe went on a trip to Morocco with Millie Grace Court, the Love Island winner from last year who recently broke up with her boyfriend, Liam Reardon.

According to reports, Chloe took the trip to help her heal after a breakup.

Naturally, Chloe has found the split painful, but the time overseas with Millie has given her the distance she needs to begin moving on, a source told the Daily Mail.

Are Toby and Chloe still Together?

After more than a year of dating, it has been revealed that Love Island 2021 couple Toby Aromolaran and Chloe Burrows have ended their relationship.


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