Tom Morris Sacked: What Comment Did Tom Morris Make About Megan Bernard?

Megan Bernard who happens to be a famous model was born on June 21, 1989, in the United States. She has showcased and promoted herself as an entrepreneur by gaining exposure and a lot of experience in the world of fashion and entrepreneurial living.

She is also a provider of inspirational blogs as well as life activities on her website. The interest of many grew as a lot of people were eager to know her background as well as Nationality and so on. She is very particular about her private life and does not release or make public-private information about herself that much.

She is also reported to be a presenter for FOX Sport. Barnard is a well-known figure in the Australian athletic community, having previously worked for Sky News Australia in the sports sector.

While her public appearances have always been well received, her role in the recent Tom Morris tape leak has brought unwelcome attention to her life and dealings.

What Comment Did Tom Morris Make About Megan Bernard?

Tom Morris remarked on Megan Barnard’s sexuality, which earned him a reprimand from the Fox.

According to official sources, despite the recent scandal, he has not been sacked by the news station. According to him, Megan practiced lesbianism and he was very particular about it when in leaked footage talking about her looks as well as voice messages.

However, even if the audio leak is found to be real, no one knows who Megan Barnard’s lesbian girlfriend is. After the audio clip in which Morris claims Megan is a lesbian went viral, there was speculation that she was lesbian. This allegation, however, is not backed up by any evidence.

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