Tyga OnlyFans Account: What Is In Tyga’s OnlyFans?

Tyga, one of OnlyFans’ most prominent producers, deactivated his account within 24 hours after OnlyFans declared that “sexually explicit” content would be banned, in order to create his own content platform as a rival.

According to Tyga, “Myystar,” the rapper’s subscription-based entertainment business, would enable sexually graphic films for both sex workers and celebrities. ‘Myystar’, which launched in October, last year would take a 10% cut of creative earnings, which was half of OnlyFans’ percentage.

According to Tyga, the site would feature podcasters, comedians, sports, and artists. Creators will be able to sell their own NFTs as well.

What Is In Tyga’s OnlyFans?

Though Tyga refused to reveal his OnlyFans revenue, he did admit that he’s made several million dollars from his $20/month memberships.

According to a statement issued to Axios, by OnlyFans, its 2 million creators had earned more than $5 billion on the platform.

According to Influencer Marketing Hub, which gathers data from numerous sources, Tyga was the fourth-highest earner on OnlyFans until he departed.

According to their figures, which Forbes could not be confirmed, he has made almost $8 million, behind ex-girlfriend Blac Chyna, singer-actress Bella Thorne, and rapstar Cardi B.

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