Quite a number of Ukrainian women have been captured on camera creating firebombs to defend their city. According to a report b BBC, the women crouched on the grass making Molotov cocktails.

These are homemade weapons, to defend their homes and their streets in Dnipro against the advance of Russian troops.

There were teachers, lawyers, and housewives surrounded by glass bottles, rags, and fuel.

According to them, they were trying not to think too hard about what they were actually doing because it was too terrifying.

This city has not come under attack, but it’s already feeling the cost of this war. The military hospital has 400 beds, and they’re full of wounded soldiers from all over eastern Ukraine.

At its gates, there’s a stream of local people bringing medicine, bandages, and syringes and nothing is refused. Round the corner, men were lining up – to sign up, to fight.

The people of this city are mobilizing. But they all say it’s not because they wanted any of this; they’ve been left with no choice.


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