Virginia Louise Giuffre (née Roberts; born August 9, 1983) is an American-Australian campaigner who offers support to victims of sex trafficking and is a victim of the sex trafficking ring of Jeffrey Epstein.

Giuffre created Victims Refuse Silence, a non-profit based in the United States, in 2015.

 She has been interviewed by many American and British reporters about her alleged experiences of being trafficked by Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell.

Following her marriage to Robert in 2002, Giuffre lived in the Glenning Valley suburb of New South Wales’ Central Coast in Australia for 11 years.

The family relocated to the United States in November 2013 and stayed for several years, initially spending time in Florida, and later in Colorado in 2015.

Civil cases

Virginia Roberts affidavit (2014)

Giuffre filed court papers in Florida in January 2015, stating that Epstein trafficked her to Prince Andrew and Alan Dershowitz.In a sworn affidavit, she claims Maxwell worked as Epstein’s madam.

 In April 2015, a federal judge ruled that Giuffre could not join the federal Crime Victims’ Rights Act lawsuit, and her affidavit was stricken from the case.

Virginia Giuffre v. Ghislaine Maxwell (2015)

As a result of Giuffre’s allegations and Maxwell’s comments about them, Giuffre sued Maxwell for defamation in federal court in New York in September 2015. After much legal confrontation, the case was settled under seal in June 2017 with Maxwell reportedly paying Giuffre “millions”.

Virginia Giuffre v. Alan Dershowitz (2019)

In April 2019, Giuffre filed a federal civil defamation lawsuit against Alan Dershowitz in New York.

Virginia Giuffre Children: How Many Children Does Virginia Giuffre Have?

Virgina Giuffre is said to be happily married to his husband Robert and has three children with him ; two sons and one daughter.


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