Vladimir Putin: Is The President of Russia a Good Man?

With the current happenings with the Russia-Ukraine War, we can’t justify the conclusion of Putin being a Good Man.

To govern indefinitely, the Russian ruler (Vladimir Putin) has manipulated the levers of power. This is a terrifying scenario for both the West and Russia.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has been in charge of the country for 22¬†years, a record only equaled by Joseph Stalin’s political longevity. As a result, he’s created a lot of enemies and inflicted a lot of pain.

Under Putin’s tyrannical rule, Russia has become known for widespread cronyism and corruption, persecution of home opponents, and as well as its aggressive foreign policy.

Putin, on the other hand, does not appear to wish to follow in the footsteps of other countries’ outright dictators by becoming president-for-life, as China’s Xi Jinping has done. He places a premium on the appearance of democratic legitimacy.

His massive $390bn national expenditure projects have so far failed to materialize in any significant way.

The five-year real wage decline and reduction to state pensions must be weighed against his promises of economic modernization and improved living standards.

In the same breath, it is evident that Putin is wary of any political reforms that would allow Russia to compete more effectively in the global economy and attract foreign investment.

His current plans, on the other hand, aim to further restrict foreign influence.




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