The news of people especially prominent ones passing away in recent times is on the rise. Who is it this time? Meet Gazprom Bank VP Vladislav Avayev has been reported and found dead in his home together with his family. Who then is Vladislav Avayev? Avayev is a well-renowned banker who was known to have previously served as Vice President of Gazprombank.

According to the reports hovering around which proved to be true, the banker and his family were found dead in their residence. According to reports and findings, Vladislav Avayev who happened to be the former Vice President of Gazprombank worked for the bank for quite a while before leaving or retiring from the job. The reason behind his leaving is not known.

The bank ranks third in terms of assets according to reports. It is known to be owned by Yuri Shamalov the company’s largest shareholder. The banking services of the bank include securities trading, foreign exchange operations, precious metals activities settlement services, and so on.

The bank’s business sectors are corporate banking, investment banking, and depository banking. According to sources his death together with his family is supposed to be a suicide according sources. Apart from that there are no detailed indications about what actually actually caused their demise.

Vladislav Avayev
Vladislav Avayev

Vladislav Avayev Net Worth At Death 2022 (Updated)

The net worth of Vladislav Avayev is not known at the time. But he is known to be rich.


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