Avayev is a well-known banker who previously held the position of Vice President of Gazprombank. His death news surfaced just recently pronouncing he and his family dead in their residence. The former and well-known banker’s death had sparked a lot of concerns.

The banker and his family were discovered dead in their home, according to rumors that turned out to be accurate. According to sources and conclusions, Vladislav Avayev, who was a former Vice President of Gazprombank, worked for the bank for a long time before leaving or retiring. The reason for his departure is unknown.

Corporate banking, investment banking, and depository banking are the three business sectors of the bank in which Vladislav Avayev worked or headed. His death, along with those of his family, is thought to be a suicide, according to reports. Apart from that, there are no specific details about what caused their death.

Vladislav Avayev and Vladimir Putin
Vladislav Avayev and Vladimir Putin

Who Is Vladislav Avayev To Vladimir Putin?

Vladimir Putin is a Russian politician and former intelligence officer who happens to be the current president of Russia. He has been the president since the year 2012 as well as previously from 2000 to 2008. He happens to be the orchestrator of the special military operations in Ukraine.

As to what kind of relationship Vladimir has with Vladislav, the two happen to be very close allies before his death. Avayev previously worked as a high-ranking official at Gazprombank, which was a significant aspect of Vladimir Putin’s gas-for-roubles program, in which Putin insisted that foreign corporations open an account with the bank in response to Western sanctions.


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