Apple’s iPhones, with its latest iOS15.4 update, have shown an emoji that consists of a man who is very much pregnant and a lot of people have reacted to it.

Apple’s version of emoji, including a ‘pregnant man’ emoji, was introduced with an iOS 15.4 beta software update for iPhone.

Has Apple Pregnant Man Emoji Been Added In Android?
Has Apple Pregnant Man Emoji Been Added In Android?

According to reports the new emoji was released in Mid-March along with 37 other apps that have caused people to react differently to it.

The new emoji was released along with five different tomes from which the users can be able to select the one they best deem as great and use.

People all over the interact have stated that the new update drops the qualities that differentiate women from men, causing too much gender confusion.

Has Apple Pregnant Man Emoji Been Added To Android?

Apple’s new update on iOS 15.4 beta software has not been added to Andriod yet as it is only available to people who use an iPhone.

On the other hand, Apple has released a new update on the beta version and all iPhone users who would like to get the new features should update to the latest version of iOS.

The new update was released in Mid-March and has received a lot of trolling from people.


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