The Los Angeles Angels Use the Moniker “Angels”. A minor league team of the same name inspired the “Angels” moniker, which originated in Los Angeles, the team’s original home city.

The history behind Angeles Moniker “Angels”

Since the English word “Angels” is a direct translation of the Spanish word “Los Angeles,” the term “Angels” has always been appropriate for Los Angeles teams.

There are several factors that go into determining the origin of Los Angeles’ name, which is far more complicated than a simple translation. The first step in figuring out the significance of the city’s now-famous name is to go further into its past.

As it is today, Los Angeles’s official name is the result of the efforts of Mexican immigrants, Franciscan monks, and Spanish invaders who arrived in the southern California region in the 1700s. They discovered ponds, swamps, and woodlands, as well as a network of indigenous people, including the Tongva, who were well established.

The Tongva people have lived in what is now Los Angeles for hundreds of years. As the Los Angeles River drains into the Pacific, it provides a wealth of fish, fertile land, and clean water to Yaangva, the community at its center. Over the course of centuries, they lived, traded, made art, and performed religion in the region between the mountains and the ocean. Some estimates put their population at 10,000 at their height.


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