What Disease did Shannon Bream Have?

Shannon Bream was suffering from Dry eye-related issues.

Shannon Bream’s overwhelming symptoms of dry eyes appeared out of nowhere.

She had terrible symptoms of dry eyes in the middle of the night at first. She stated that she awoke with the sensation of someone stabbing her in the eyes.

In February 2010, Shannon Bream began having acute eye discomfort. Optometrists were stumped by her discomfort, and experts disregarded her.

When Bream tried to sleep, she predominantly experienced the symptoms associated with dry eyes. If she slept for more than an hour or two, she would experience uncontrollable discomfort.

This led her to wake up every couple of hours during the night to apply eye drops in an attempt to alleviate the agony, which proved futile.

She sought help from her primary care physician and a few eye physicians, who were clearly unaware of the many therapeutic options available to help alleviate even the most severe symptoms associated with dry eyes.

She finally admitted to her husband that she couldn’t bear the excruciating discomfort and loss of sleep caused by her dry eyes issue any longer.

Her physicians believed she had dry eye, which is a common problem among women in their 40s. Prescription medication, on the other hand, provided no help.

With no definite diagnosis and little control over her suffering, her days had become an exercise in survival.

She eventually found an ophthalmologist who provided her with the diagnosis she required as well as the empathy she desired.

They formed a team, working together to manage Bream’s severe pain and help her reclaim her life.


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