American actress, Chrishell Stause is well known for maintaining a healthy diet and body due to her Vegan diet. The popular actress is well known for her role as Amanda Dillion in ‘All My Children’.

Recently Chrishell Stause has shared on her Instagram pages and through interviews about what she eats which makes her very healthy since her busy schedules of acting ‘Selling Sunset’ and having to dance in the Season 19 of ‘Dancing With The Stars’.

The actress had recently done a bikini photoshoot showing the skinny and well-toned body she had attained through a proper and balanced diet.

What does Chrishell Stause Eat? How do Selling Sunset Stars Stay so Skinny?
What does Chrishell Stause Eat? How do Selling Sunset Stars Stay so Skinny?

What Does Chrishell Stause Eat for Breakfast?

Chrishell has been a lover of peanut butter and normally likes to have protein bars for breakfast. She has a brand that she likes(papa steve no junk raw protein bars and ONE Peanut Butter pie). The Selling Sunset stars like to have coffee and scrambled eggs with Cheddar Cheese and pepper for breakfast.

What Does Chrishell Stause Eat for Lunch?

Chrishell stated that she does not eat anything else after breakfast and waits for lunch where she goes to Erewhon for lunch breaks when she is on set. She likes to have fish and vegetables for lunch and always makes sure she has her favorite veggies on her plate.

Buffalo cauliflower, Brocolli, carrots, and corn are her favorite vegies and she tries to have them as much as she can.

What Does Chrishell Stause Eat for Dinner?

Chrishell like any other American likes to eat pizza for dinner when she is busy but the star likes to eat Lasagna which is gluten-free and grain-free and it’s easier and faster to prepare.

She further said she wouldn’t mind having to eat fish and veggies again for dinner and that she also likes to eat Sushi as well.

Chrishell Stause Favorite Drinks, Snacks, and Desserts

Stause says she does not really like to snack as other Celebrities do when they are working shooting movies. She likes to have fruits instead of snacks and she feels they are healthier. Chrishell likes to eat mangoes, blueberries strawberries, and bananas.

When it comes to drinks the ‘Selling Sunset’ star is very picky and she says she likes to drink Zevia Organic Peach Tea, White wine, and fruit martinis.

She loves to have strawberry shortcakes and pineapple upside-down cake for desserts.



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