Who Is Kathy Ambush?

The one called Kathy Ambush happens to be the ex-wife of the American lawyer Clarence Thomas. Clarence Thomas is the current associate Justice of the U. S. Supreme Court, he has been serving for almost a decade now. He is known to be one of the popular Justice with his level of intellect.

Aside from his work as an associate justice, we look at his personal life where there is curious information hovering around his former wife.

Kathy Ambush who happens to be Clarence Thomas’s wife met Thomas during their college days. Kathy who keeps a low profile from the spotlight got married to Thomas in the year 1971.

Clarence was thought to be having an affair with one Lillian McEwen, thus the college sweethearts divorced in 1984. Since their separation, Kathy has kept a low profile, but her former husband is still in the spotlight.

What does Kathy Ambush do?

According to reports and indications has not disclosed information about her career and how she is going about her life as far as her career is concerned. She was known to be the wife of Clarence Thomas.

Does Kathy Ambush Have a Husband Now?

There are no indications revealing Kathy being involved or engaged to another man. She keeps a low profile at the time being.


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