When WHP-TV, the CBS affiliate in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, needed a reporter, they turned to Robert John Hanrahan. He announced his retirement on February 7, 2021, following a six-month recovery from a major heart attack.
He co-anchored newscasts with Maggie Rodriguez at WFOR-TV in Miami, Florida, a CBS-owned station, for four years before joining WHP.
Robb Hanrahan
Robb Hanrahan
Between 1996 and 2003, Hanrahan served as an anchor on WABC-TV in New York City. He co-anchored the station’s morning and afternoon Eyewitness News broadcasts with Nancy Loo.
On WABC at the end of 1997, Hanrahan replaced Greg Hurst as Roz Abrams’ co-anchor and held that position for the next few years, despite Hurst’s departure from the station.
While this was going on, he and Lori Stokes were chosen to replace Loo and David Ushery as the morning anchors, however Hanrahan did not take part in the noon show during this period.
He was replaced on WABC’s early evening newscasts by Diana Williams toward the end of his time there, when the station underwent another lineup change. Until the end of his contract, Hanrahan only did weekend anchoring.

What Happened to American Television Journalist Robb Hanrahan?

Robb Harahan’s station has not confirmed how he passed away, although it is speculated that he passed away from a heart attack.

Long-time Robb Hanrahan, a news reporter for CBS 21 who had worked in the Harrisburg area for over a decade, passed away on Monday afternoon. Hanrahan’s career spanned over a decade. He had reached the age of 60.


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