What Happened To Paddy Doherty? Is Paddy Doherty Alive?

Paddy Doherty

What Happened To Paddy Doherty?

Paddy Doherty, star of Big Fat Gypsy Weddings, has vowed to stop drinking and live a healthy lifestyle after being rushed to the hospital with a potential heart attack.

Paddy Doherty
Paddy Doherty

The 62-year-old said he looked and felt 100 times better after shaving and brushing his teeth in a video filmed from his hospital bed.

On April 25, Paddy disclosed that he had been admitted to the hospital owing to heart concerns. In footage from the time, he indicated medics were worried about him.

It’s the latest health crisis for the Celebrity Big Brother champion, who was forced to use oxygen after battling Covid and pneumonia, which knocked him to six.

Paddy was taken back to the hospital in February, little than three weeks after returning home from a battle with coronavirus.

At the time, he posted a video on Facebook informing his followers that he was back in the hospital due to shortness of breath.

He called his battle with the virus “the hardest fight I’ve ever had.” Paddy was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2019.

Is Paddy Doherty Alive?

Paddy Doherty, at the time of this writing, is alive, contrary to reports about him being dead. He is currently receiving treatment at the hospital.

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