According to sources, Michael Severance and Wendi Mae Davidson welcomed a lovely newborn boy into their life shortly before the autumn of 2004, whom they joyfully named Shane Michael Severance.

After all, their kid was just a few weeks old when they married in a Texas courtroom, followed by a move into an apartment behind Wendi’s veterinary practice in San Angelo.

According to his paternal uncle Frank on Oxygen’s ‘Snapped,’ he was a surprise, but one that was welcomed with open arms, especially by his father, who “was absolutely delighted to be a parent” since “he truly liked kids.”

That’s why Michael allegedly regarded Wendi’s son from a prior relationship (when she was in college) to be his own as well.

But, sadly, in January 2005, when he was about 3-years-old and his younger brother Shane was 5 months, they both lost him for forever – Michael went missing, only to be discovered dead in a pond in March.

Shane was awarded temporary guardianship by the Severance family at one time, but Tristan was given to Wendi’s parents after her legal problems began, resulting in a nasty and protracted custody struggle for the former.

What Happened to Shane Michael Severance

Leslie, Michael’s father, wanted complete custody of Shane Michael Severance, but in the end, a court not only granted the two families shared custody, but also imposed supervised contact between Shane and his mother.

In brief, the Davidsons became his primary carers, and the paternal kin had school vacations as well as alternating Christmas holidays in Maine, which they grew to accept even though it wasn’t what they had planned for.

Shane therefore grew up with both sides of the family, from which he appears to have learned that his parents are much more than this tragedy.

According to what we can determine, Shane is a high school senior in his hometown of San Angelo, Texas, at the age of 17 and wants to stay out of the spotlight.

He’s a juvenile, so he’s still under the jurisdiction of his maternal grandparents, but both Leslie and Frank Severance’s Facebook profiles show that he sees them in Maine on a regular basis. He appears to be close to all of them.



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