Nebraska Representative Jeff Fortenberry has announced his resignation after he was convicted by a federal jury about an illegal campaign donation from a foreign national.

In a letter to the House, Fortenberry said he was resigning from Congress, effective March 31.

He accompanied his resignation letter with a social media post saying;

“Thank you for entrusting me with the great responsibility of governing our nation. When I first ran for Congress, I said that I would focus on our national security, economic security, and family security. It is my sincerest hope that I have made a contribution to the betterment of America, and the wellbeing of our great state of Nebraska.”

“Due to the difficulties of my current circumstances, I can no longer serve you effectively. I will resign from Congress shortly. Below is a letter to my colleagues in the House of Representatives. I invite you to read it.”

“This is my last Fort Report. Please know that it has been the honor of my life to serve you. Goodbye my friends. May God bless you.”


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