What High School did Michael Kay Attend?

Michael Kay

What High School did Michael Kay Attend?

Michael Kay attended the Bronx High School of Science.


Michael Kay ’78, the legendary Yankees commentator, paid a visit to Bronx Science on February 6, 2018, to be inducted into the Hall of Fame.

Michael Kay tries on a hat gifted to him by the Varsity Baseball team.

Bronx Science established the foundation for a long and prosperous career as a journalist and announcer.

Kay stayed in the Bronx after graduating from Bronx Science and attended Fordham University, where he began his radio career at WFUV, the school radio station.

He worked for the New York Post for seven years after graduating from Fordham with a Bachelor of Arts in Communications, covering a wide range of sports until joining the Daily News in 1989.

In 1992, he joined WABC Radio as a Yankees broadcaster, and in 2002, he joined the YES (Yankees Entertainment and Sports) Network as a television commentator.

Michael Kay answering questions with Senior Representative Matthew Burke.

Kay has also hosted a variety of other sports radio shows over his career, the most notable of which is ESPN’s ‘The Michael Kay Show.’

Throughout his career, he has garnered numerous honors and nominations, including thirty-one Emmy nominations and eight wins.

Throughout high school, Kay maintained his interest in athletics and his desire of becoming a sports commentator. “I’ve always wanted to be a Yankees announcer since I was nine years old.” 

“I knew that if I worked hard in school and remained focused, an opportunity would present itself,” Kay explained.

Kay and his buddies found time to catch up on the previous day’s games despite the burden of attending one of the best secondary schools in the country.

Michael Kay speaks to students about his experiences at Bronx Science during a luncheon.


“Every morning, me and my buddies would sit by the newsstand and read The New York Post, discussing what had happened with the Yankees, Knicks, or some other team…we had our own chat show just outside of school.” 

Kay has unquestionably been the voice of a generation of New Yorkers and has had a significant impact on the city’s culture.

He’s been a part of some of the sports’ most memorable events, including five Yankees World Series championships, Derek Jeter’s dramatic dive into the fans in 2014, and Jeter’s farewell hit in Yankee Stadium in 2014, and many more.

Current pupils recognize his subtle impact on New York City and the world.

Kay believes that the tough and intellectually difficult curriculum at Bronx Science helped him prepare for life in the highly competitive world of New York sports journalism and announcing.


“I believe Bronx Science prepared me in this way since it is such a demanding and competitive environment that prepares you for the real world.”

Every day when you come in the door, I believe this school brings that out of you. I mean, every time that mic comes on, I have to be on my game.

“This is an environment of excellence: you come here if you want to be the best,” Kay explained.

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