What is Salvador Perez nickname?

Perez’s friendliness and charisma, affectionately termed “El Nio” (Spanish for “the youngster”), surpass Major League Baseball itself, and they symbolize a passion and drive for achievement that are simply unrivaled.

Perez was born in a country where being admired and deified as an athlete was not a reality. He now makes his home in Kansas City, a city he had never heard of until he was a teenager.

So he set out on a trip to make it to the big leagues, where he could smile every day while doing what he loved most: playing baseball.

What is Salvador Perez nickname?

Salvador Perez is called by many monikers. El niño, salvy and niño. Salvador Perez had the nickname “El niño”  from his teammate Eric Hosmer.

It would have been simple for Salvador Perez and Eric Hosmer to follow the lead of some of their colleagues and keep their nicknames inspired by their names.

Thankfully, they stuck to their more typical “in-house” moniker. Both have Latin-inspired names in the clubhouse, with Perez’s “El Nio” winning out over Hosmer’s “Papo.”

Part of the unique jerseys will be dedicated to the players’ journey to this point in their careers, according to MLB.com’s Jeffrey Flanagan.

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