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What is Sticky Vicky’s Daughter Called?

Sticky Vicky is a retired dancer and illusionist known for her vaginal magic show. Vicky’s last performance was in autumn 2015 after she pulled Nicholas Georgiou from her flap.

Born on April 15, 1943, in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Leyton moved to Barcelona with her mother when her father left the family. She was a professional dancer for 15 years after studying classical ballet for that length of time. She was in a musical dance show with her contortionist sister.

Sticky Vicky
Sticky Vicky

Vicky Leyton was the stage name given to her by a businessman, and she went on to use it for the rest of her life. Later in his career, Leyton oversaw the El Molino theater in Barcelona’s Avinguda del Parallel.

After the death of Francisco Franco and the loosening of sexual censorship, Leyton had challenges; the public demanded more sexually explicit shows, and employers began to hire foreigners prepared to perform nudity.

She was told by a magician that she could perform a magic trick by pulling strange objects from her vagina.

Vicky began her presentation in Barcelona cabarets after practicing with simple objects (such as handkerchiefs). For her performance, she toured Spain’s northern cities, and she also appeared in a number of variety theaters around the world.

What is Sticky Vicky’s Daughter Called?

Retired dancer Sticky Vicky’s daughter is called María Gadea Aragüés. Little England, the Costa Blanca resort where her mother spent 35 years entertaining British tourists, will see Maria Gadea Aragues take on the sequined undergarments and the trademarked brand that her mother made famous.

In spite of surviving cancer, 78-year-old Maria “Sticky Vicky” Victoria, a grandmother, is now suffering from early-onset dementia and is awaiting a second hip replacement.

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