Vicky Leyton, Victoria Mara Aragüés Gadea, popularly known as Sticky Vicky, was born on April 15, 1943. She is a former dancer and illusionist well known for her vaginal magic performance. In the fall of 2015, after removing Nicholas Georgiou from her flap, Vicky gave her final performance.

Vicky has earned a reputation as a living legend in Benidorm thanks to her age and the longevity of her presentation, especially among British visitors.

“I never believed I could be on a stage at my age, and it is all owing to the English public,”


In the first and sixth episodes of the third season of the British television sitcom Benidorm, she played a supporting role.

In the first episode of season three, Vicky was invited as a guest of honor to help Mel’s Mobility Shop launch, and in the sixth season of the program, Jacqueline (played by Janine Duvitski), had to pose as Sticky Vicky (who is on holiday). Irish poet Robert Fallon describes Vicky’s act in “Jack The Lad.”

Who is Sticky Vicky’s Daughter María Gadea Aragüés?

María Gadea Aragüés is the daughter of Sticky Vicky. The Costa Blanca resort dubbed “Little England” hosted British tourists for 35 years. In 2021, it was revealed that Maria Gadea Aragues will take over the sequined underwear and the trademarked moniker her mother made famous.


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