Talking about the worst season for the Minnesota Twins, it is no other season but the 1982 Season.

The 1982 season was the first season in which the Minnesota Twins played at the Metrodome, a venue in which they would remain until their relocation in 2009. The squad completed with a 60–102 record, enough for eighth place in the American League West. After coming to Minnesota, it was the first time the Twins have lost more than 100 games in a season.

However, despite the Twins’ new stadium, just 921,186 people attended Twins games, the lowest number of fans in the American League.

How Come The Minnesota Twins Ended The 1982 Season As Their Worst Season

The Twins finished the season with a record of 60-102, marking their first and only season in which they lost 100 games. In the process, they traded away Roy Smalley and Butch Wynegar to the New York Yankees while also introducing youngsters Kent Hrbek, Frank Viola, Gary Gaetti, Tom Brunansky, Randy Bush, and Tim Laudner to the Major League Baseball.

However, looking back, that disarray signaled the start of a rebuilding process that ended in a title five years later and a second championship four years later, but it’s tough to see 2011 taking place in a similar environment.


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