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When was Danny Jansen drafted? Is Danny Jansen Good?

When was Danny Jansen drafted?

Danny Jansen was drafted in 2013. Jansen was selected in the 16th round of the Major League Baseball draft by the Blue Jays.

Is Danny Jansen Good?

Based on his minor-league success, Jansen was supposed to be a bat-first catcher. He needed to be a strong defender to be a number one catcher on what was projected to be a future competitive Jays squad.

Jansen’s 17.4 DEF rating in 2019 was the eighth-best among all MLB catchers, and it helped him finish in the top three in AL Gold Glove voting.

It’s safe to infer that he spent the majority of his off-field practice time honing his skills as a defensive catcher and game caller. It’s possible that learning to hit major league pitching has taken a back seat.

2020 was a tumultuous year in many ways, as we all know. Whether a player’s 60-game season in 2020 was good or awful, it’s hard to say if his or her performance will be indicative of future success.

Overall, Jansen’s stats weren’t all that impressive. From September 9, 2020, to September 27, 2020, he had an OPS of .853.

There was little doubt that his two home runs on September 30, 2020, accounted for all of the Toronto Blue Jays’ offensive output on that fateful day.

Because of the short sample size, it was difficult to determine if Jansen was on a roll or was finally figuring things out in the MLB at the plate.

It’s important to note that despite Jansen’s post-April 2021 uptick, his.289 BABIP isn’t out of the question, at least theoretically.

His .279 batting average and.348 slugging percentage are statistics I expect him to hit every year. However, his slugging percentage of .600 may be unsustainable.

During a complete season, he would have ranked fourth in MLB behind Bryce Harper (.615), Fernando Tatis Jr. (.611), and Vladimir Guerrero Jr. (.601).

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